How to Increase Potato Tuber Numbers?

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The number of potato tubers produced by each potato plant is influenced by agronomy and varietal potential.

1. Selecting the right variety.

2. Minimise the number of times you dig to check if tuber initiation has started – be patient and use a crop calendar!

3. Irrigate to maintain a good growing environment.

4. Buy certified seed which isn’t physiologically aged to ensure that it can produce the desired number of stems per tuber.

5. Adequately space seed to ensure an optimum number of stems per square metre.

6. Using crop protection inputs – such as herbicides and pesticides – to ensure the crop grows relatively unhindered.

7. Practise crop rotation to control pests, diseases and soil fertility.



Guide1: Selecting and Handling Potato Seed

Generally, a “five percent rule” applies with seed lots. A seed lot with five percent or more total defects is too high to use. To determine the physiological age of seed potatoes, gather a sample, place them indoors and allow them to sprout. Observe the sprouts that...

Guide 4: Monitoring Growth Stages of Potato

The growth of a potato can be broken down into five stages.   The table above has been reproduced with permission from Johnson, D. A., ed., 2008, Potato Health Management, 2nd ed., American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, MN. Growth Stage I: Sprout...

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