How much seed do I need per hectare?

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Seed Potato is sold in different Counts 230, 350, 500, and 800. Counts are basically the minimum number of tubers within the 25 kg pocket! Generally, a successful hectare has a 37,000 – potato plant population as a minimum. Most new farmers do not worry about plant population yet mistakes here lead to financial ruin because it’s from plant population that we derive yield, economic efficiency, and thus revenue and profitability.

As mentioned earlier, one can buy Count 230, 350, 500 or 800 – a profitable hectare has at least 37,000 potato plants. To get the number of pockets needed in a hectare we divide the potato plant population by the Count to get the number of pockets needed. The most popular Count for the average farmer is Count 350. 37,000 potato plants divided by 350 = 106 pockets. The greater the Count, the smaller the diameter of the tubers in that pocket of seed potato. Usually with smaller counts some plant two potatoes per station or reduce in-row spacing. Over time the farmer knows best which Count they prefer as seed.



Guide1: Selecting and Handling Potato Seed

Generally, a “five percent rule” applies with seed lots. A seed lot with five percent or more total defects is too high to use. To determine the physiological age of seed potatoes, gather a sample, place them indoors and allow them to sprout. Observe the sprouts that...

Guide 4: Monitoring Growth Stages of Potato

The growth of a potato can be broken down into five stages.   The table above has been reproduced with permission from Johnson, D. A., ed., 2008, Potato Health Management, 2nd ed., American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, MN. Growth Stage I: Sprout...

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